• Oooops! I'm soooo sorry....Please forgive me....It won't happen again.

    Ok, I know exactly what you're thinking. Where has Dreamer been? Well, that's a question that I can't really answer.

    I'm a kid...I lose things. That includes me losing track of time. I have been here and there...but mostly, I've been dealing with the school stuff. You know...my teachers testing me constantly. The #2 pencils being sharpened, sitting up straight.. no talking. All these rules, just so that I can take a test that I still cant figure out what the purpose is.  Sitting in a seat for hours...and hours. Answering dumb questions like, If Jim goes to the bank, opens a new account and deposits X. He earns .05% interest per month. At the end of the month he has $562.15. What is the value of X?

    Ok, first of all...who cares?

    Secondly, .05% interest...really? I have no interest in his laughable eared interest.

    Thirdly, I can make more than that if I took my money, bought a lawn mower and mowed my neighbor's lawn for 10 bucks. Better yet, why buy a lawn mower when I could probably use my cute smile, ask my neighbor to let me borrow his lawn mower to mow his lawn. I once charged my  neighbor 10 bucks to mow his lawn, gave his bratty son 5 bucks to do it for me. Okay Jim, you need a lesson in business. And my neighbor, he needs a lesson in parenting. I'm sorry for staying away so long...but school has been driving this adorable little girl crazy.

    I should probably be trying to figure out the value of X  instead of using my cell phone to blog while I'm in class. Luckily the substitute teacher can't see passed 5 feet in front of her. It's adorable how they let "retired" people substitute. She is so nice...just blind as a bat.  


    Oh yeah, if you find any spelling errors. Let it go! Stop texting me! I'm blogging on a flip phone.


    P.S. Does anyone know the value of X? Help a girl out!

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    Posted by Dreamer "The Geeky Girl"
  • What are those?

    As I sit here on the bench, to the left of the sliding board and off to the right of the maple tree that I tripped over while running in place during physical education, I saw the those bullies doing what bullies do best. I know what you are thinking, how does someone trip while they are running in place? Don't ask, just know that it involved a group of mischievous kindergartners who may have tied my shoes together in retaliation for me melting their crayons with the sun and a magnifying glass. Oh well, I guess I deserved it. Anyway, while I'm sitting here, I hear kids running around shouting "What are those!!" to the kids who aren't wearing the expensive clothes. Then the group came over to me and yelled "Dreamer, what are those?", as they pointed toward my bedazzled sneakers with math equations drawn on them with my pink sharpie. I was already agitated after watching them make the girl with the extremely small head cry because she had "Yike's" on instead of "Nike's". I responded, “Based on my straight A’s and your D’s and F’s, those are the shoes that I’ll be wearing when I walk across the stage and graduate on to medical school. Those are the expensive shoes that you will be wearing as you drop out and walk into your new and exciting career asking each customer, ‘Would you like fries with that?’ Yes, these are the shoes that I am tying tightly as I prepare to sprint at high speed to get away from you losers because it appears that my comments have been upsetting to you….gotta go!!!!”

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  • I think I know now!

    If the rest of the girls in my class knew as much as I do, they would know that arguing over boys is pointless! I think I know why they do though...all the cheesy princesses in the fairy tales need their little prince charming. That's why I love the movie Brave, who needs a boy when you have a Bow and Arrow...Huh. I realized that boys are cool to hang out with...throw rocks, kick cans, play basketball and stuff like that. But....try and kiss me and we have a problem! #booksB4boys!


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    Posted by Dreamer "The Geeky Girl"
  • Lunchroom Drama!! Girls, please...stop arguing over silly stuff

    What's up geeks! It's me, Dreamer. I'm an 8 year old know it all and... Welcome to my blog!  If you have read my journal, you already know that I love to read and I am awesome. If you haven't, shame on you! (Get caught up here) I wish I could just read all day. But sitting here in the lunch room and watching these girls argue over silly stuff is like reading a good novel.
    • Who stole the chocolate milk - Mystery
    • Who has a crush on the new kid- Romance
    • The screaming match between the girls over...who knows? - Action
    • The kid who fell while carrying his lunch tray - Comedy
    • The new hairstyle on the kindergarten teacher..hmmm - Anime
    I try not to get involved but sometimes I get pulled in by the "So, what do you think" or "Pick a side!!" Please....all I want to do is read my book. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    Posted by Dreamer "The Geeky Girl"