Ok, I know exactly what you're thinking. Where has Dreamer been? Well, that's a question that I can't really answer.

I'm a kid...I lose things. That includes me losing track of time. I have been here and there...but mostly, I've been dealing with the school stuff. You know...my teachers testing me constantly. The #2 pencils being sharpened, sitting up straight.. no talking. All these rules, just so that I can take a test that I still cant figure out what the purpose is.  Sitting in a seat for hours...and hours. Answering dumb questions like, If Jim goes to the bank, opens a new account and deposits X. He earns .05% interest per month. At the end of the month he has $562.15. What is the value of X?

Ok, first of all...who cares?

Secondly, .05% interest...really? I have no interest in his laughable eared interest.

Thirdly, I can make more than that if I took my money, bought a lawn mower and mowed my neighbor's lawn for 10 bucks. Better yet, why buy a lawn mower when I could probably use my cute smile, ask my neighbor to let me borrow his lawn mower to mow his lawn. I once charged my  neighbor 10 bucks to mow his lawn, gave his bratty son 5 bucks to do it for me. Okay Jim, you need a lesson in business. And my neighbor, he needs a lesson in parenting. I'm sorry for staying away so long...but school has been driving this adorable little girl crazy.

I should probably be trying to figure out the value of X  instead of using my cell phone to blog while I'm in class. Luckily the substitute teacher can't see passed 5 feet in front of her. It's adorable how they let "retired" people substitute. She is so nice...just blind as a bat.  


Oh yeah, if you find any spelling errors. Let it go! Stop texting me! I'm blogging on a flip phone.


P.S. Does anyone know the value of X? Help a girl out!

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