As I sit here on the bench, to the left of the sliding board and off to the right of the maple tree that I tripped over while running in place during physical education, I saw the those bullies doing what bullies do best. I know what you are thinking, how does someone trip while they are running in place? Don't ask, just know that it involved a group of mischievous kindergartners who may have tied my shoes together in retaliation for me melting their crayons with the sun and a magnifying glass. Oh well, I guess I deserved it. Anyway, while I'm sitting here, I hear kids running around shouting "What are those!!" to the kids who aren't wearing the expensive clothes. Then the group came over to me and yelled "Dreamer, what are those?", as they pointed toward my bedazzled sneakers with math equations drawn on them with my pink sharpie. I was already agitated after watching them make the girl with the extremely small head cry because she had "Yike's" on instead of "Nike's". I responded, “Based on my straight A’s and your D’s and F’s, those are the shoes that I’ll be wearing when I walk across the stage and graduate on to medical school. Those are the expensive shoes that you will be wearing as you drop out and walk into your new and exciting career asking each customer, ‘Would you like fries with that?’ Yes, these are the shoes that I am tying tightly as I prepare to sprint at high speed to get away from you losers because it appears that my comments have been upsetting to you….gotta go!!!!”

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