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"Co-Author and CEO, Andrea Cross"

About the Geeks at Geeky Girls Journal

A few years ago, after speaking to my daughter about school, I could tell that something was bothering her. No matter how hard I tried, she would not say what it was. The same thing happened for a few days so I decided to try something different.

She likes reading, so we, her parents, wrote a short story and drew a few doodles. I created a female character, Dreamer, and designed the book to read like journal entries. It was important for my daughter to feel like Dreamer was speaking directly to her. It made Dreamer seem like a real friend. In order to keep her attention, I made Dreamer a sassy know-it-all with a sense of humor.

I started off having Dreamer talk about bullies and “mean girls.” After a few days, she came to me and said, “I know how Dreamer feels because the same thing happened to me.” I would not have ever known that my daughter was being bullied if it wasn’t for her reading Geeky Girls Journal. She didn’t want to tell us because she thought it was something that was only happening to her.

How many kids are trying to deal with life issues on their own, without any help from a parent? Well, that’s how Geeky Girls Journal began. Dreamer was going to show my daughters what to do even if they didn’t want to ask me. Hopefully, this book will do the same for the Geeky Girl in your life. After speaking to my other daughters, I learned that I needed more stories to address issues that young girls were going through.

"I would not have ever known that my daughter was being bullied if it wasn’t for her reading Geeky Girls Journal."

I allowed other parents to use my short stories and the feedback was unreal. It worked for them as well!

"My daughters and I read both books and fell in love with Dreamer. Her attitude...her confidence. She never backs down to bullies. Is there a part 3? #waitingimpatiently!!"
-Adrienne B. (Facebook)

Thanks Adrienne B! Glad we could help!

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Geeky Girls Journal LLC is a registered business in the United States (Maryland).

The primary business is selling ebooks and products that promote the COOLNESS of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to girls during the ages when they tend to lose interest.

A. Cross and E. Cross both graduated from Morgan State University with degrees in education and philosophy.