• E-book cover signed by Dreamer to your favorite Geeky Girl (Ex. From Dreamer, to my friend Kaitlyn...the future scientist)

  • Your child's name appears in the E-book up to twenty five times!

Geeky Girls Journal, If I Were You, I'd Wanna Be Me Too - Part 2 (ebook)

Geeky Girls Journal

$3.99 USD
Personalized (Make her a part of the book. Her Ebook cover is signed by Dreamer and her name is added up to 25 times inside the book!)
$3.99 USD
The Personalized version could take up to 72 hours to be delivered by email.

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She’s Back!!!

It’s Miss Know-It-All herself—Dreamer. The super smart and socially awkward middle schooler who has become the symbol behind the #GeekyGirlsRuleTheWorld movement. She continues to find the most creative ways ever to outsmart her many enemies.

In this sequel to her first journal, she continues the neverending battle with bullies and other kids who refuse to acknowledge how awesome she is. She continues to take the reader on an exciting adventure full of hilarious stories and pictures detailing her epic battles with her many nemeses. At the same time, she teaches the reader about important life topics; how cool it is to love science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); and lots of new words!

Best of all, her journal is really two books in one! Along with the journal entries, Dreamer also writes a fascinating story that provides more adventure for the reader.

When Dreamer gets bored, she often daydreams and drifts into an imaginary world about a young princess who is given the perilous task of protecting her people from dangerous mythical creatures. This young princess thinks that she is just an ordinary royal, but she isn’t. Those who know the truth about her want to destroy her before she finds out what she really is.

Don’t forget to personalize the book! Your child’s name will appear in the ebook more than 20 times. It will be like Dreamer is talking directly to her. This is a unique experience for a child to be immersed in the story.

A note for parents from the authors:

Geeky Girls Journal is full of journal entries that will keep readers engaged by using humor while teaching about important issues. Dreamer is the responsible friend who all parents wish their child knew She will teach your kids more than 50 new words and important life concepts without them even realizing it.

Make no mistake, Dreamer relates to kids by speaking their language and saying some things that are sassy. This is the only way that they’ll accept her as being “real.” She then uses this inside track to teach them about right and wrong. Readers will laugh, cry, and learn from Dreamer’s mistakes and hopefully prevent them from making the same ones in real life.

Some important issues covered in the Geeky Girls Journal Series are:

  • Always be yourself.
  • It’s okay to be a geek. Math and science are cool.
  • Stand up for yourself! Don’t let people bully you.
  • Looking different can be a good thing.
  • Plan for the future and think ahead.
  • You can have your own business.
  • Do your best at everything.
  • Learn from your mistakes and the errors of others.
  • Be aware of the dangers that lurk online.
  • Listen to your parents.
  • Choose a good role model.

*Personalized Books could take up to 72 Hours to be electronically delivered. In the meantime, enjoy the standard version until your personalized version arrives! 


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